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Zero Online is a sci-fi online game developed and published by TQ Digital Entertainment. In the world of Zero, the players no more play as warriors or mages in a desolate land but the pilots who master high-tech weapons, fighting in the immense universe. Shuttling between the numerous galaxies, the units of various forms and functions are navigated by the pilots to fight against ferocious alien enemies. It is an epic war: battling for the Earth Alliance is the pilots' ultimate honor and eternal duty.

หากต้องการรู้เกี่ยวกับ ภาระกิจ Missions สกิล Skill ตัวละคร NPC แผนที่ Map ศัตรู Enemies ชุด อุปกรณ์ เครื่องใช้ Unit สิ่งของ Item จุดเด่น Feature เนื้อเรื่อง Story ในเกม Zero Online สามารถติดตามได้ ใน Webog ที่นี้

วันเสาร์ที่ 20 ธันวาคม พ.ศ. 2551

Design Your Own Avatars

Design Your Own Avatars
KeyWord: Design Your Own Avatars
Summary: Avatar Design Contest will be hold during September 10th - 19th in Zero Online.

Avatar Design Contest

Duration: Sep.10th - 19th

a. Must include Zero Online's official website: ZO.91.COM (all in capital)
b. Include Zero Online's Logo (optional and preferable).
c. No nudity or sexual avatars.
d. Must be in *.bmp or *.jpg format.
e. You can choose any of the two sizes (100x100/150x150) to submit.
f. The image should be less than 100k.

1st Prize (1 winner): 2 TQ Point Card A
2nd Prize (2 winners): 1 TQ Pint Card A
3rd Prize (3 winners): 1 TQ Point Card B
Participator Prize (10 winners): 200 Free ZPs
The result of this contest will be announced on September 31st.

Avatar Referral Event

Duration: Sep.10th - 30th

All players can send Zero Online's avatars (official or approved avatars designed by players) to your friends. If your friends use any of these avatars in any forums or communities in September, please post the links in the Avatar Referral Event thread in the official forum to prove.

Player whose post was listed with number 2 or number 8 (e.g. 2nd, 58th, etc) in the Avatar Referral Event thread will be additionally awarded a free lottery ticket, which will give a free lottery chance.
Players in both servers will enjoy 3-day Double Experience if Zero Online's official or approved avatars are used in no less than 208 forums or communities in September.

Can't wait? Come and join us!