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Zero Online is a sci-fi online game developed and published by TQ Digital Entertainment. In the world of Zero, the players no more play as warriors or mages in a desolate land but the pilots who master high-tech weapons, fighting in the immense universe. Shuttling between the numerous galaxies, the units of various forms and functions are navigated by the pilots to fight against ferocious alien enemies. It is an epic war: battling for the Earth Alliance is the pilots' ultimate honor and eternal duty.

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วันเสาร์ที่ 20 ธันวาคม พ.ศ. 2551

Weekend Event: Crystal City (Oct 25th - 26th)

Crystal City

Time October 25th - 26th
Level Above Level 50
Place Steel Warship, Crystal City
NPCs Officer Cordy (Steel Warship 531, 809)
City Guard Paul (Crystal City 021, 121)
Reward EXP, Rose Quartz, Sapphires, Amethysts

Welcome to Crystal City.

If we say Steel Warship is the Alliance's arsenal, Crystal City will be our crystal warehouse. All the Alliance's income from the crystal shop will be stored in this newly discovered planet.

This weekend, the Alliance would like to reward the pilots whose unit is above level 50 with numerous crystals!


There are 3 kinds of treasure boxes which will bring you Rose Quartz, Sapphires and Amethysts respectively:
Moon Box: EXP and 2780 Rose Quartz;
Planet Box: EXP and 46 Sapphires;
Star Box: EXP and 1 Amethyst.